Jikiden Reiki treatments

The treatments I provide are based on the Jikiden Reiki teachings. We distinguish:

  • Treatment of the body
  • Mental treatment (for example “bad” habits, fear, stress……)

What to expect.
First get comfortable, explain about Reiki treatments, make a plan, have a short trial session.
What can Reiki do? Shin,  Shin kaizen Usui Reiki Ryoho.
This means: For (the improvement of) body and mind the Usui Reiki treatment method.

Treatment of the body.
Treatment time is between 45 and 90 minutes.

The client lies fully closed on a massage table. We place our hands on for example the head and the parts of the body that need our attention. The practitioner uses the principle of Byosen, meaning we follow the feeling sensation in our hands (this can varies from warmth, tingling,  pulsation).

communityEven in the first session an improvement is possible. The frequency of treatments depends on the “problem”, there for the treatment plan.

What can you expect? That varies from person to person, often the client feels comfortable warmth, deep relaxation, rest. Just enjoy and let it happen. Your own body knows best.

A treatment with a group of practitioners is  an special experience.
On the photo the client lies face down.
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Mental treatment.
Treatment for the mind are very helpful in difficult times.
Stress, worries, fears, depressions, trauma, addictions, bad habits………..
It all can be treated.
However we always advise to consult an doctor or psychiatrist first!
If we can combine treatments we can get the best results.
The number of treatments depends on the problem, how older or deeper the problem the more work.
Even in the first session an slight  improvement is often reported.
Reiki gives strength and helps to “take responsibility” for your own health.
Sometimes it helps if an family member or friend or the client  learns Reiki, so the treatments can be given over a longer period of time. It also helps to lower the costs.

For more information and costs: Mail me