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Reikipuur – Jikiden Reiki
Werner Tillmanns
Dai Shihan
Kouvenderstraat 233
6431HE Hoensbroek (NL)
Phone:+31 (0)6 55 907 911

My name is Werner Tillmanns, born in 1958 in Germany. Since 1979 married with a girl from Limburg. We now live together in Hoensbroek (Parkstad Limburg).

WernerAround 1999 I had my first contact with Reiki. A family member was chronically ill and doctors around us did not have a solution. With lots of homeopathy and Reiki a great improvement occurred. One year later we moved to a new house and the new neighbours were enthusiastic Reiki practitioners. Curious by the earlier “healing” of my family member, I was allowed to meet directly with Reiki. The treatment was very pleasant. This was what I wanted to learn.

In Düsseldorf I found my teacher. Reiki Master and author Frank Arjava Petter. With him, I followed the various programs. In 2005, I concluded with the teachers degree. In 2006 Arjava organized a study trip to Japan including in Tokyo the grave of Mikao Usui and the Meiji Emperors Shrine. Kurama mountain and the monastery where Usui Sensei had his spiritual experience. Then we followed in Kyoto, with Tadao Yamaguchi Sensei, the Jikiden Reiki course Shoden and Okuden.
Similar to the Western Reiki I and II.

Again the “Reiki fire” was lit. With this I wanted to continue. Jikiden Reiki is much more intense than the Western Reiki. Even more authentic. In May 2007 I was in Düsseldorf to study again withTadao Sensei and Arjava now for the teachers degree in Jikiden Reiki, Shihan Kaku. This means teacher’s aide. Shihan Kaku may teach Shoden, Reiki I. My goal is work hard, gain lots of experience and sudy for Shihan, full teacher of Reiki I and II. This goal I have now reached. In June 2008 Tadao Sensei and Arjava came again to Düsseldorf. After I repeated the Shoden, Okuden and Shihan Kaku training Tadao Sensei presented the Shihan certificat and Gokai scrole to me.

It’s October 2016, just back from Jikiden Reiki Worldcongress in Kyoto, Japan.
Three beautiful day’s with very interesting speakers, information and lovely people from all over the world.

A special surprise was when I received the Dai Shihan certificate from Tadao Sensei. Proud, happy and very gratefully. With me there were two good Jikiden Reiki friends to receive there Dai Shihan certificate as well.
Dai Shihan means Senior Teacher, who is allowed to teach Shihan Kaku.